Automation DevOps Engineer

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Location: London, GB

We take performance beyond what was thought possible, working with visionaries and leaders to move our world forwards faster.


McLaren Applied Technologies, part of the McLaren Technology Group, innovates using the skills, insights and experience gleaned from over 50 years of competition in the world’s most technologically demanding sport, to innovate in and also beyond motorsport. We seek to create meaningful, long-lasting performance gains that positively impact a variety of sectors and communities.


With a passion for performance excellence, we bring together a distinctive combination of technology, mindset and capabilities - including high performance design, analytics, simulation, sensing and control systems – to make innovation a reality for our partners.


Our people are dynamic with excellent technical and commercial skills.

We partner with world leading businesses across many sectors; what unites us is a desire to prevail in whatever we do. Together we strive to be the best or to go beyond what was considered to be the limit of performance.


What does wanting to win really mean?

Our drive to be the best has resulted in ground-breaking strategies that not only help us succeed, but set standards across the industry. This in turn gives us the infrastructure to achieve new, unprecedented goals.

McLaren Applied Technologies exists at the cutting edge of the McLaren Technology Group, harnessing the culture, advanced technology and predictive analytics that have been honed over 50 years of competition in the world’s most technologically demanding sport to move our world forwards, faster. We believe that innovations forged in the heat of competition can and will make a meaningful, long-lasting difference to society.

A leading producer of world class motorsport electronics, McLaren Applied Technologies works in a range of industries from motorsport to healthcare, transport and energy. As the leading supplier of Formula 1, NASCAR and Indycar Telemetry Acquisition Software (ATLAS), M.A.T’s engineers work with the most advanced software technologies that the industry has to offer. As our product portfolio expands, so does our need to continue to employ top class engineers to excel in their disciplines and lead the development strategies that will help M.A.T. achieve its goals.


The Role:


The objective of the role is to be embedded into development and product teams, whilst reporting to the Head of Test.

The key objective of the role is to ensure that both developers and testers are supported by the automation and automated tests you develop. Automation covers all aspects from test environment provisioning, set-up and clean-up to test execution to reporting, monitoring, performance analysis etc.




  • The ideal candidate is highly technical and has a proven commitment to quality with a solid understanding of test concepts, software architecture and familiar with the latest software development technologies and application performance trends.
  • The candidate must be self-motivated and can work with other team members on multiple projects.
  • The candidate must have strong trouble shooting skills and the persistence to resolve issues.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  • Knowledge and hands on experience of containers (i.e. Docker), virtualization (vSphere, VMWare, Hyper-V).
  • Multi-site and active/active applications performance testing techniques.
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud experience (Azure, AWS).
  • Application and infrastructure virtualization techniques for the purpose of performance testing.
  • Ability to diagnose performance issues and propose solutions for remediation (i.e. Performance Profiling Tools like Re-Sharper).
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of continuous delivery pipelines and tools to support it (e.g. Jenkins).
  • Infrastructure and application testing as well as integration into monitoring.
  • Ability to pick up new concepts and apply them quickly in daily work.
  • Ability to prototype new approaches and tools.
  • Ability to develop test automation (C#, .Net and scripting languages).
  • Solid technical background in operating systems, databases, and networks.
  • Ability to troubleshoot bottlenecks and apply performance tuning techniques.
  • Ability to clearly document performance test results.
  • Passion for quality, can-do attitude, and an advocate for the user.
  • High competency in written and oral English language.
  • Experience with debugging tools and techniques.
  • Experience with software and communications diagnostic tools such as Wireshark, Fiddler.
  • Batchelor degree or higher.


  • Strong communicator with a proven track record of working collaboratively on complex projects.
  • Experience of working on projects delivered using an Agile methodology, Iterative or Proof of Concept (PoC) methods.
  • Experience with HP LoadRunner (or similar).
  • Experience with Nagios (or similar).
  • Master's degree or higher.


Personal Attributes:

  • Work with in a product team with the focus on producing high quality products.
  • Works well under strict time pressure and understands when to compromise and when to escalate.
  • Attention to detail, highly motivated.
  • Escalates technical issues in a timely fashion.
  • High degree of self-motivation.
  • Must be able to plan and execute work both independently and as a team member.
  • Desire to continuously improve processes and tools, keeping up to date with industry developments, assessing applicability and implementation.

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