Location: Woking, GB

Job Type: Permanent  

Contract Duration: Permanent

We have an exciting opportunity for an intelligent, highly-motivated and proactive individual to join our Strategy team, that will see you contribute directly to maximising our results on track.

You will need to be able to use your own initiative, work proactively and often to strict timelines in a high-pressure environment – in what is a demanding but extremely rewarding role.

Role Description & Responsibilities

The objective of the role is to contribute to the Strategy team’s principal aim of achieving the best possible results on track, through:

  • Being responsible for live analysis and decision-making, in sessions, including but not limited to, strategic and tactical analysis of competitors and tyre behaviour, as well as contributing to strategy decisions for both individual drivers and the overall team strategy.
  • Being responsible for elements of strategic analysis for decisions made over a season and through race weekends.
  • Reporting and presenting analysis to the wider team in a digestible and comprehensive manner.
  • Conceptualisation, production and development of new tools and methodologies to improve the performance of the Strategy team, as well as ongoing development and improvement of existing techniques and tools.
  • Working closely with all other areas of the team, in various situations, including but not limited to, Race Engineering, Drivers and Team Management.
  • Helping to drive our efforts in using data science and machine learning techniques to improve our performance and efficiency as a Strategy team.
  • Contributing to areas outside of strategy with analysis for which the Strategy team is responsible, this may include areas such as pitstops, sporting regulations, reliability, etc.

Personal Attributes

The following attributes are required for this role:

  • The ability to take decisions quickly, often under high pressure, with strict time constraints and incomplete information and to work calmly and diligently under these conditions.
  • The desire for continuous improvement in both our analysis and our operations and execution.
  • An intelligent, data-driven approach to solving new and challenging problems, with strong problem-solving skills and the ability to conduct new types of analysis, in an unbiased manner.
  • The ability to learn and develop skills on the job, as well as to apply existing skills to new types of problems.
  • Good communication and presentation skills to work effectively as part of a close-knit team, with shared responsibilities, working under challenging conditions.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • A numerate degree (preferably engineering, mathematics or the sciences) with a minimum of a 2:1 (or equivalent).
  • A strong mathematical and data-driven approach.
  • Some coding/software engineering experience would be useful (particularly useful are: web (ideally Node.js, python, MATLAB, VBA and C#).
  • Previous experience in motorsport is desirable, but not required.

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