Software Technical Lead - Design Insight

Location: Woking, GB

Job Title: Technical Lead

Reporting To: Head of Software

Why McLaren Applied? 

We have spent decades solving complex engineering problems in Formula 1 and Automotive, and also applying those principles into markets such as public transport and operational performance. Those core principles are: 

  • Simulation- and data-led design through our Virtual Product Development platforms and tools; 
  • Harnessing telemetry data and real-time processing to enable better decision-making, both closed-loop and human-in-the-loop. 

We are highly collaborative, working closely with product managers to deliver value to our customers. Our engineering teams are made up of cross-functional, autonomous engineers that are empowered to design, write, test and deploy their own code. We have a positive working culture that supports learning and a healthy work life balance

What you can expect?

Collaboration is key. Promoting collaborative ways of working in a cross-functional product team. 

Driving Engineering Excellence. This isn’t just about writing great code, it’s about advocating practices that push high quality engineering. You’ll help teams reflect on what went well and what they could have done better and turn those into learning actions. You will take pride in the solutions you and your team develop. 

Learning culture. You’ll be passionate about learning and continuous improvement, both for yourself and for your team. When you learn something new you will want to share it with others. You’ll organize and encourage learning opportunities for others and will actively advocate the growth of the knowledge of those around you. 

Why Apply?

Building cloud native data intensive products and platforms using cutting-edge technologies is something you would love to be involved in.  Working across multiple domains you will be exposed to the development of applications to disrupt industry whilst giving our customers the competitive advantage they deserve. 
Utilising your expertise, you will be able to oversee the architectural design of our products and platforms. 
Guiding the teams through the development lifecycle you will become one of our technical experts on building cloud native applications so naturally you will already have some experience of doing this. 

Job Description:

Responsible for the architectural design of our products and platforms. Guiding the teams through the development lifecycle you will become one of our technical experts on building cloud native applications so naturally you will already have some experience of doing this.


  • Guide engineering teams designing platforms and products ensuring their delivery in according to architectural best practices
  • Work with Software Engineers, SREs, Data Scientists and Simulation Engineers in implementing robust and scalable applications.
  • Provide guidance to product management in prioritising the backlog and make informed decisions to deliver value early and often.
  • Be a part of the team contributing to definition and implementation of technology governance guidelines covering cloud adoption, security, financial compliance and autonomy.

Knowledge Required

  • Experience in requirements engineering, product backlog management and prioritisation, solution architecture, development and deployment.
  • Broad and deep knowledge and experience of AWS including IaaS and PaaS services, networking, security and compliance including EC2, S3, VPC, IAM, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, ECS, EKS, Config and Lambda
  • Practical experience in implementing Infrastructure as Code using Terraform and/or CloudFormation.
  • Experience in containerisation of workloads and Kubernetes.
  • Extensive recent hands-on programming experience with Java, Scala, C#, Python or Kotlin.
  • Experience in creating observable solutions by implementing distributed logging, metrics and tracing.
  • A technologist mindset with an awareness of current trends and innovations and how to leverage these to improve our products.
  • Experience of distributed and data intensive systems.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Virtual Product Development, Simulation experience is a plus


  • AWS, Auth0 for Identity as a Service, ECS and EKS for container orchestration, TIGK stack (Grafana instead of Chronograf), Kafka, InfluxDB, Ansible, Azure DevOps for source repo, build and delivery pipeline, Terraform and CloudFormation, Python, .NET Core, Java, Kotlin