Software Architect

Location: Woking, GB

Job Type: Permanent  

Contract Duration: Permanent

McLaren Racing has one single mission: To win Grands Prix and World Championships.  To design, build and operate a Formula One car at race-winning levels requires focus, ambition, imagination, dedication and attention to detail.

We're looking for an experienced software architect to help us take our bespoke software applications to the next level.  You'll need a passion for designing systems, a strong hands-on software development background, and a significant interest in new technologies.  The role will be working with multiple teams to formulate cohesive designs, communicate ideas, and help drive progress towards our software vision.

About You

  • You have a strong academic background; BSc in Computer Science or equivalent discipline (2:1 or above)
  • You’ve designed and implemented distributed microservice based systems, and understand the prerequisites for success
  • You’re able to identify stakeholders, analyse the requirements, and extract those of architectural significance
  • You have a strong full stack software development background and understand how to engineer quality software
  • You've lead the development of large projects working with agile/lean methodologies
  • You recognise the importance of continuous learning and sharing that knowledge with others
  • You enjoy working with people to solve problems, choosing the simplest and most elegant approach then iterating

Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Experience designing distributed microservice based architectures
  • Experience working with Docker and container orchestration frameworks
  • Experience using cloud technologies e.g. Microsoft Azure or AWS
  • Extensive commercial C#/.NET development experience
  • Web development experience using technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, and React
  • Using git in a collaborative environment (pull requests, git flow)
  • Experience building maintainable codebases using the SOLID principles
  • High competency in written and oral English language


  • Experience with open source technologies related to data processing, e.g. Kafka
  • Experience with a range of datastores, i.e. relational, graph, and document databases
  • Experience writing data processing, analysis, or visualisation tools within a data centric organisation

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