Simulation Engineer

Location: Woking, GB

Simulation Engineer

Woking, Surrey


Our Team

Our mission at McLaren Applied is to enhance Engineering products, solutions and processes using modern machine learning, Data Science and Software practices.

We build the modelling components that underpin our data-driven products from prototype through to deployment.

You will contribute to our core technology platforms for data and model management, as well as pushing forward our capability in machine learning, simulation, optimisation and control.

You will become one of our technical experts who guide and foster innovation by developing our leading-edge vehicle dynamics simulator and data/simulation management capability, as well as applying those philosophy to simulation-led product design in other industries.


What you can expect:

Collaboration is key We promote collaborative working in cross-functional product teams. We value open communication within our teams, and always seek to give and receive constructive feedback.

Driving Engineering Excellence. This isn’t just about writing great code, it’s about advocating practices that push high quality engineering.

You’ll reflect with your team on what went well and what could have done better, and turn those into learning actions. You will take pride in the solutions you and your team develop.

Learning culture. You’ll be passionate about learning and continuous improvement, both for yourself and for your team.

When you learn something new you will want to share it with others. You’ll organize and encourage learning opportunities for others and will actively advocate the growth of the knowledge of those around you.


Why join us? 

  • You want to get hands-on developing and operating a world-class vehicle dynamics simulator.
  • You are passionate about simulation-led design principles, and would like to apply this to different products and markets.
  • You like to see users interacting with your models, and capturing their feedback to improve our solutions, tools and processes.
  • Combining data-driven and simulation-driven modelling techniques, including uncertainty quantification, is the kind of thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.
  • You are keen to learn about running algorithms in real-time using streaming technologies. 
  • Continuous Improvement is built into your mind set and you constantly think of ways to improve for you and your team and turn those into actions.
  • You love innovation and want to push the boundaries of engineering, and you also understand the need to deliver incrementally valuable products in line with business needs.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to take ownership of the full product development lifecycle. 
  • You enjoy working with cross-functional teams alongside software engineers, systems engineers, and designers and you want to develop in areas outside of your expertise.
  • You are also interested in how complex ideas are communicated and presented.
  • You’re passionate about learning and want to benefit from access to online courses and learning sites.
  • You want to be part of a positive and collaborative working culture, support others to learn and have a healthy work life balance.
  • You’ll be in our brand new and spacious offices a 5 minute walk from Woking Station

A short overview of our environment and processes

  • We use Simulink for model development, supported by MATLAB and Python.
  • We compile to, and sometimes write directly in, C++ for efficient execution of models.
  • We use Git for source control.
  • We use dynamics modelling and classical control modelling techniques, combined with statistical models and machine learning for metamodeling and parameter estimation.
  • We use Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for validation, and Linux operating systems for real-time model execution
  • TwinCAT for PLC and motion control.
  • We aim to run our work in a CI/CD framework
  • Streaming technologies such as MQTT and Kafka
  • We value quality code using best practices (code reviews, pair programming, testing, etc)

Things you might have done before:

  • Developed Simulink models to capture the behaviour of, and/or control, dynamical systems.
  • Compiled simulations into low-level code (e.g. C++).
  • Worked with real-time controllers (e.g. TwinCAT).
  • Delivered projects according to automotive safety regulations (e.g. ISO26262) or equivalent (e.g. machinery directive).

Why McLaren Applied? 

We have spent decades solving complex engineering problems in Formula 1 and Automotive, and also applying those principles into markets such as public transport and operational performance. Those core principles are: 

Simulation- and data-led design through our Virtual Product Development platforms and tools; 

Harnessing telemetry data and real-time processing to enable better decision-making, both closed-loop and human-in-the-loop. 

We are highly collaborative, working closely with product managers to deliver value to our customers.

Our engineering teams are made up of cross-functional, autonomous engineers that are empowered to design, write, test and deploy their own code. We have a positive working culture that supports learning and a healthy work life balance.