Series Design Validation Engineer 1

Location: Woking, GB

Purpose of the Role:





Validate the Design process using a strong technical background in Physical/Digital & Virtual Model techniques with a Project Management and support Bias.


  • Create and manage data sets for all series relevant programs so that physical, digital and virtual validation can be used to assist with the Design process from G-2 to G4.
  • Manage data sets and develop Clay virtual Validation together with clay modelling and studio engineering teams so that surface iterations can be checked against package and hardpoints.
  • Manage data sets and develop CAS virtual validation so that 1:1 virtual assessment can be carried out sequentially whilst CAS team develop surfaces in Alias or ICEM.
  • Support all Design Delivery meetings with Data sets including all Engineering and grey zone data, sessions to include pre-set views ability to use virtual reality during sessions.
  • Support to the development of UE4 and any agreed transitions from VRED into newly developed systems.
  • Manage all hard model CAS delivery to supply base, ensuring robust data signoff in MAL and clear communication to supply base.
  • Manage physical validation and inspection reports of all physical properties to ensure models meet expectations for all design events.
  • Support CAS Manager as required with Departmental process and strategy developments
  • Assist CAS Manager in the Virtual and digital development within the CAS organisation.
  • Assist in the development of Virtual Validation strategy and digital strategy of the design department.
  • Manage Budgets of all Series virtual validation applications.
  • Develop Skills Matrix for virtual validation department
  • Produce surfaces as and when required, creation of surfaces is not a primary deliverable of the role.
  • Develop software and hardware improvements and keep MAL ahead of competitors, agree development areas and develop business cases where required.
  • Report into Line Manager weekly updates to ensure clear delivery status and agreed targets are maintained.



Personal Attributes


  • Challenge Mind-set: “Keep a calm head, see the situation as a challenge not a threat.”
  • Act with Integrity: “Put the team first & represent those who have gone before and all those who will follow.”
  • High Performance Environment: “Find incremental ways to continually improve.”
  • No Egos: “Sweep the sheds and give each other the benefit of the doubt.”








Other tasks


  • Produce and distribute validation KPIs daily to Functional Manger
  • Manage sign off model manufacture sign off process to supply base.
  • Prepare project status overview, for weekly Digital Surface Design Commodity Meeting
  • Prepare resource status overview, for weekly Digital Surface Design Commodity Meeting
  • Attend weekly Digital Surface Design Commodity Meeting
  • Attend all Virtual and Digital development reviews
  • Attend project meetings on behalf of the validation team as required
  • Attend the design reviews on behalf of the surfacing team and minute actions for team
  • Spin visualisation data in special meetings, such as VIP visits when required
  • Escalate if resource on programme insufficient or task has stalled
  • Input to the High-Level Plan discussions at G0
  • Advice on planning resources for the programme at G0
  • Offer input during the creation and update of validation standards and methods
  • Understand the VR process and relationship between function group activity
  • Propose process documentation for review by Functional Manager