Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack, .Net

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Date: 17-Feb-2017

Location: Woking, GB

We take performance beyond what was thought possible, working with visionaries and leaders to move our world forwards faster.

McLaren Applied Technologies, part of the McLaren Technology Group, innovates using the skills, insights and experience gleaned from over 50 years of competition in the world’s most technologically demanding sport, to innovate in and also beyond motorsport. We seek to create meaningful, long-lasting performance gains that positively impact a variety of sectors and communities.

With a passion for performance excellence, we bring together a distinctive combination of technology, mindset and capabilities - including high performance design, analytics, simulation, sensing and control systems – to make innovation a reality for our partners.

Our people are dynamic with excellent technical and commercial skills.

We partner with world leading businesses across many sectors; what unites us is a desire to prevail in whatever we do. Together we strive to be the best or to go beyond what was considered to be the limit of performance.

McLaren Applied Technologies is an innovative company that delivers breakthroughs in performance through the application of advanced technology and design.  Our teams engineer and deliver sophisticated predictive analytics technologies to solve a wide range of business issues, and you will contribute to this. 

As a Senior Engineer working on a permanent basis you will have excellent and proven experience delivering .NET applications that are robust, adaptive and scalable. You love developing within the Microsoft Stack, but not exclusively as we always pick the right tool for the job and you will be exposed to other languages and stacks. You will be working in a team that values getting great features in front of users, and this is how we measure our success, working code in production.

You will have architecture and design experience. You have the ability to see the bigger picture and communicate your ideas to the team and other stakeholders. You will work in team that follows Agile principles and takes pride in the delivery of SOLID bug free code. 

You must:

  • Have agile experience with a good understanding of mainstream software development methodologies, values and procedures. You test software on every stage of its journey and add new features frequently and with confidence.
  • Have Full-stack development and delivery experience on multiple software projects using C# and the ASP.NET platform throughout a full commercial product lifecycle. You know what is involved in getting a product into the real world (where its life really begins!)
  • Enjoy solving problems, choosing the simplest and most elegant approach over the complex one. You appreciate other people’s input and adapt your designs if a better solution comes to light.
  • Have a thirst for knowledge that keeps you abreast of the latest technology and you will spread your knowledge through the team, encouraging the best engineering practices. You will pair with and mentor more junior developers and grow them. Your knowledge is valuable to us, as we will encourage cross team collaboration as part of the engineering peer groups.
  • Be a great communicator and have pro-active leadership skills. You will need to be a strong multi-tasker and understand the importance of business requirements and working in a fast pace business environment.
  • Have a First class degree or upper 2nd in Computer Science or Software Engineering or equivalent industry experience.

Essential Skills:

You must have a solid understanding of the following:

  • RESTful services and JSON

  • Databases. Experience using SQL Server and developing in T-SQL, but you are just as happy using NoSQL databases like MongoDB
  • ORMs like Entity of nHibernate
  • Agile principles; SOLID, TDD, XP 
  • Unit testing (NUnit, XUnit, Moq) 
  • JavaScript and some SPA experience (like AngularJS, Vue and React)

Key Skills: 

If you don’t have industry experience with some of the following, that’s ok, as long as you’re willing to learn, we will help.

  • Cloud computing (AWS, Azure) 
  • Continuous integration with DevOps (TeamCity, Visual Studio Online, Puppet, Chef, Docker)
  • Cross-platform mobile frameworks (like Xamarin)
  • Non .NET open-source frameworks like MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js)
  • UI automation testing (Selenium)
  • Messaging queuing frameworks (RabbitMQ, MSMQ)
  • Dependency injection frameworks (like Unity and Ninject)
  • Web security and authentication mechanisms (like OAuth)
  • Continuous deployment and configuration management
  • Large-scale computing challenges, and developing and deploying scalable applications using cloud services
  • R, Machine Learning techniques or MATLAB
  • Other languages like Python, SCALA and C++

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