Senior NVH Body Quality Engineer

Location: Woking, GB

Job Title: NVH Body Quality Senior Engineer                                                     


Department:  Chassis Vehicle Technology


Reporting to:     NVH Senior Manager




Purpose of the Role:


The Body NVH Quality is responsible for creating and managing the body interior/body panel and closure NVH Quality attributes, body sealing, body leakage, for McLaren on all future projects. NVH Quality is a collection of subjective and objective factors (squeak & rattle, interior trim/components solidity/stiffness, body panel stiffness, Gap & Flush, door open/closure noise, electric seat and steering adjustments noise) which have an influence on the customer’s perception of the overall quality of the vehicle, with respect to its intended purpose and benchmark competitors.


Principal Accountabilities:


1.            Process and Vision


  • Define NVH Quality.
  • Create NVHQ McLaren Vision.
  • Create NVHQ assessment methodology and scoring process including statistical analysis of assessors and objective characterization.
  • Author NVHQ processes in McLaren standards library (MSL).
  • Review and re-write component technical specifications (MTS) in line with NVHQ intent.
  • Write NVHQ design guidelines reference to best-in-class examples and best-practice solutions.
  • Define together with the body FG the requirements and write the technical specification of the body seals and leakages in order to meet the NVH target within the programs BDG and timing.


2.            Research and Benchmarking


  • Benchmark competitor vehicles and legacy McLaren vehicles.
  • Research customer-related NVHQ surveys and harvest customer feedback from internal sources.
  • Stay appraised of market trends in NVHQ executions, in automotive and other industries.


3.            Concept Delivery


  • Set the Gap & Flush requirements at the G2 gateway.
  • Set the NVHQ attribute targets in time for the G3 gateway based on the programme specification.


4.            Engineering Delivery


  • Use digital visualisation techniques to review difficult NVHQ conditions.
  • Create physical models to demonstrate and resolve contentious NVHQ concerns.
  • Score early concepts for adherence to subjective NVHQ attributes using virtual models.
  • Assess NVHQ performance physical components as they are produced, on-site at the suppliers if required.
  • Audit initial prototype vehicle builds to raise early concerns and find solutions.
  • Raise, take ownership and solve NVQ Issues using the practical problem solving (PPS) process.
  • Create a NVHQ Roadmap for both self-funding and on-cost programme improvements.
  • Run NVHQ action reviews based on a list of open NVHQ concerns.


5.            Project Validation


  • Present NVHQ attribute status in project meetings and attribute meetings.
  • Write the NVHQ attribute engineering sign-off report for Gateway G7.
  • Write a NVH Quality lessons learned report for Gateway G8.
  • Support MPC and SQA for shakedown and RCA


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  • Is degree qualified or has similar qualification in either Design, Engineering, or related fields.
  • 5 years of industry experience is preferred, although not necessarily in the automotive field.
  • Must demonstrate a level of design (aesthetic) empathy, through work experience or personal projects.
  • Has a functional knowledge of a variety of production and prototype fabrication methods.
  • Competent in Microsoft Office software products.
  • Able to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create convincing imagery and documents.
  • Knowledge of CATIA CAD software would be a benefit.



  • Master of engineering mechanics and related;



Personal Attributes:


  • Has a natural inclination towards attention-to-detail.
  • Is capable of writing clear, concise and precise technical specifications.
  • Is well organised and able to manage sometimes-conflicting priorities in a high-pressure environment.
  • Has the confidence and judgement to present a compelling vision to senior management.
  • An enthusiasm for cars and the luxury goods sector would be an advantage.