Senior Colour & Materials Designer

Location: Woking, GB

Senior Colour & Materials Designer - Contract


“Designing breath-taking products that tell the visual story of their function”. This is the ethos that shapes everything we design at McLaren Automotive. No department embodies that more obviously than the Colour & Materials team who are responsible for creating innovating, striking, luxury designs for our range of high-performance cars.


While no McLaren is an ordinary one, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) takes this to the extreme. Working to support MSO for an initial 6 month contract, you’ll be involved with some of the most exciting and unique designs in the industry in the part of our business that fuses McLaren’s innovation and the customer’s vision. MSO’s ethos is ‘the art of the possible’, and it’s up to you to show us what’s possible in colour & materials. Many of our customers choose extensive customisation to suit their taste and style and you’ll be working closely with them over a long period of time to realise their visions. You’ll also be delivering your own engaging design proposals for colour and material concepts for production cars and creating programme vision themes.


There are unique challenges for you to overcome in this role. One of our key differentiators is our power-weight ratio, where every gram of weight saved is a success. This means you’ll have to innovate and use your knowledge of material selection to ensure a luxury finish is achieved without compromising on our engineering principles.


Due to the high-end nature of what we do, and the number of high value customers we have, it’s vital that we constantly push the boundaries – surprising and exciting with every car handed over to the customer. You’ll be responsible for developing these relationships and engaging with the customer on a regular basis. You’ll need to work with them to deliver on their key themes and design visions, while using your knowledge of colour, material, and design trends to ensure the finished product is always at the high standard set by McLaren Automotive.


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