Data Scientist - Medical

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Date: 17-Feb-2017

Location: Woking, GB

We take performance beyond what was thought possible, working with visionaries and leaders to move our world forwards faster.

McLaren Applied Technologies, part of the McLaren Technology Group, innovates using the skills, insights and experience gleaned from over 50 years of competition in the world’s most technologically demanding sport, to innovate in and also beyond motorsport. We seek to create meaningful, long-lasting performance gains that positively impact a variety of sectors and communities

With a passion for performance excellence, we bring together a distinctive combination of technology, mindset and capabilities - including high performance design, analytics, simulation, sensing and control systems – to make innovation a reality for our partners.

Our people are dynamic with excellent technical and commercial skills.

We partner with world leading businesses across many sectors; what unites us is a desire to prevail in whatever we do. Together we strive to be the best or to go beyond what was considered to be the limit of performance.

Job Description

Data Scientists at McLaren Applied Technologies solve problems using innovative cutting-edge techniques. We need engineers who are passionate about technology to join our team and help us derive insight from diverse data sets. Your technical expertise will help us design, develop, test, deploy and present analytical solutions to complex industrial problems. You could be exploring and visualizing a complex data set in MATLAB, Python or R; building a data-driven model using machine learning; or modelling uncertainty in a process using Bayesian techniques and demonstrating this with a prototype developed in the Django framework.

  • To develop analytical solutions, tools, and technologies to enhance McLaren's medical data science IP portfolio and to solve complex problems in our healthcare business unit.
  • Solves complex analytical problems using existing data science techniques in a fresh way.
  • Interfaces with McLaren's healthcare business unit and the Software & Analytics team to understand data requirements for health solutions.
  • Identifies and develops reusable components to solutions, including documentation and appropriate levels of testing of code.
  • Is aware of choosing the 'right tool for the job', including commercial considerations such as expected deliverable and software licensing.
  • Researches existing data science techniques to understand the technical landscape and reduce development time.
  • Actively contributes to improving quality and processes through team activities such as project estimation, code reviews and retrospectives.
  • Provides technical input into project-planning activities, in particular contributing to project estimations.
  • Liaises with project managers to update on progress and flag up project risks where appropriate.
  • Helps to define success criteria for projects.
  • Presents work both internally and externally in a concise, contemporary way. This includes reporting on the end of projects, creating demonstrators for internal/external use, and efficiently presenting progress updates to customers using technology such as notebook and hosted applications.
  • Actively researches emerging data science trends in healthcare and open-source technologies, and communicates to the team.
  • BSc in mathematics, computer science, biomedical engineering, or other relevant numerate discipline.
  • Commercial experience in applying data-driven modelling techniques to healthcare problems.
  • Experience in handling medical datasets such as EMR, PROMs.
  • MSc or PhD in a healthcare-related domain of data science.



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