Senior Software Engineer - Decision Insight

Location: London, GB

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be a key member of our you will be a key member of Decision Insight Portfolio team that works with our data scientists and simulation engineers to develop exciting new products that focus on predictive analytics and decision support tools. You will be working in a team that values getting great features in front of users, and this is how we measure our success, working code in production. You will collaborate with other development teams to integrate and deploy your work and have excellent and proven experience delivering applications that are robust, adaptive and scalable.


Skills, Requirements and Experience:

  • Experience with Python and at least one of these other programming languages: Java, Scala, C#;
  • Familiarity with scientific Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy and Pandas.
  • Experience with relational databases such as Postgres or those based on similar SQL dialects.
  • Experience in multiprocessing in Python.
  • Experience in creating web APIs and microservices using Flask.
  • Experience in using core AWS services (EC2, S3, RDS).
  • Experience in creating data intensive (high frequency or big data) applications.
  • Large-scale computing challenges and developing and deploying scalable applications using cloud services.
  • Experience in automated unit and integration testing.
  • Familiar with Git.
  • Experience in working in an agile environment such as Scrum or Kanban with a good understanding of mainstream software development methodologies, values and procedures. This includes OO development, concurrency and design patterns.

We would also welcome a lean start-up mindset and/or simulation and optimisation techniques.

About you: 
Ideally you will be a problem solver, methodical and have a thirst for knowledge that keeps you abreast of the latest technology and allows you to spread your knowledge through the team, encouraging the best engineering practices. This will support you in pairing with and mentoring more junior developers.
Ultimately, your knowledge is valuable to us, as we will encourage cross team collaboration as part of the engineering peer groups.


McLaren-Deloitte alliance:
McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) and Deloitte formed an alliance in June 2017, combining leading-edge technology and innovation from a world-class engineering and technology business, with the market reach, industry understanding and delivery capabilities of the world’s number one consultancy firm. This is effectively a start-up that is backed by two globally-recognised brands. 
The Alliance delivers data-driven solutions in the form of software products and enabling services that help to bridge the physical-to-digital divide. The team leverages the digital modelling, simulation, data analytics and optimisation techniques developed in the highly competitive environment of Formula 1 to address complex, industry-wide problems and thereby improve business performance. 


Our team: 
Within the McLaren-Deloitte Alliance, our Simulation Engineers, Data Scientists and Software Engineers build the modelling components that underpin our data-driven products and solutions from research and design, prototype and validation, through to deployment. You will work as part of cross-disciplinary teams alongside software engineers, operational performance specialists, product managers and business-facing teams. 

We believe all our software should be responsive, scalable, and resilient to failure. Our pursuit of these qualities means that we constantly look for ways to improve our process and our products. As a result: We are pragmatic and always try to "use the right tool for the job".
We practice shared code ownership through collaboration and reviews. We pair program on difficult problems and test just about everything. Our teams engineer and deliver sophisticated predictive analytics technologies to solve a wide range of business issues, and you will contribute to this.

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