McLaren Racing

McLaren Racing has one single mission:
To win Grands Prix and World Championships

To design, build and operate a Formula One car at race-winning levels requires focus, ambition, imagination, dedication and attention to detail.

Our successful racing heritage has been driven by a relentless desire to innovate. Whether it be Bruce’s early experiments with four-wheel drive or pioneering the use of a full carbon fibre construction we have led the way in developing ground-breaking technologies now applied in the wider world.

Our business is the sum of our people. From stores person to aerodynamicist, mechanic to software developer, materials buyer to graduate engineer, each individual offers a vital contribution to our past and future successes.

That’s why we recruit the most highly skilled in the industry and develop the most talented apprentices and graduates who supply the lifeblood of our team, and who make the McLaren Technology Centre one of the most exiting environments to build your career in.

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"One team, one mission: to win"
Job Title Function Company Location Sort descending
Woking, GB 26-Jan-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Aerodynamicist
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
Programmer / Pattern Maker
Woking, GB 26-Jan-2018 0.00 km Operations Racing Woking-Programmer-Pattern-Maker
Operations Racing Woking, GB
Software Build & Release Engineer
Woking, GB 03-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Software-Build-&-Release-Engineer
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
DevOps Engineer
Woking, GB 06-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-DevOps-Engineer
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
Senior Engineering Systems Analyst
Woking, GB 09-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Senior-Engineering-Systems-Analyst
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
Senior Aerodynamicist
Woking, GB 07-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Senior-Aerodynamicist
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
Systems Engineer
Woking, GB 04-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Systems-Engineer
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
RP Finisher
Woking, GB 12-Feb-2018 0.00 km Operations Racing Woking-RP-Finisher
Operations Racing Woking, GB
Event Support - Kitting Student (Industrial Placement)
Woking, GB 14-Feb-2018 0.00 km Operations Racing Woking-Industrial-Placement-Student-Kitting
Operations Racing Woking, GB
Software Engineer
Woking, GB 15-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Software-Engineer
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
Tyre Performance Analysis Team Leader
Woking, GB 15-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Tyre-Performance-Analysis-Team-Leader
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
Senior Aerodynamics Designer
Woking, GB 19-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-Senior-Aerodynamics-Designer
Engineering Racing Woking, GB
PLM Administrator
Woking, GB 20-Feb-2018 0.00 km Engineering Racing Woking-PLM-Administrator
Engineering Racing Woking, GB